Even as a child I inhaled the scent of wood in the old attic of my maternal grandfather, a sculptor and carpenter in a small town of the Valtellina. My Tuscan origins have given me another master: the Olive Tree, both draw inspiration and for many years to carve the wood.The choice to work the olive tree and especially the roots depended on by his fascinating aspect of the complexity that naturally reaches the tree. My work starts from careful choice of the piece to carve. For this reason, often wandering through the olive groves of the Versilia hills looking for some piece that will attract my attention. I happen to find an old root Forgot knows how many years now clean and observe how children observe the clouds, the ride and turn around until magically, wood I reveals its true form. Focus the image with its volume, it remains for me to do is remove wood and sculpt various figuresFor me it is very important that the sculptures are the result of a merger between my work and that even the most noble of nature itself. For this reason, not force the natural lines of the wood. Dimensioning, use only hand tools such as Gaglione (tool used to clean up the olives), saws, knives and various gouges. I often smoothed with emery paper of different weights in order to obtain contrast. Finally, the finish that may vary depending on the quality of the piece, sometimes you just need beeswax, other times more resistant finishes to consolidate the wood. I prefer people who usually draw female figures or flowers even though there are exceptions: a Sometimes it happens to me to portray images related to the marine environment, such as boats, fish, shells and mermaids. In some cases the sculptures may also have a practical function, I applied to some work of lighting so as to create or uprights table lamps.